Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, and we are ecstatic to announce that we are now an official 501c charitable organization! We are still getting through some of the set-up paperwork, and always looking for volunteer to not only help with donkeys. However, if you have any IT or web-design skills, we sure would appreciate it! Thanks to one of our very talented board members, we now have Square for credit card purchases and are working on an online store for donkey duds and Sweet Ass merchandise. Please stay posted!
We had a very festive first Christmas with the herd as well. Santa called on us for a few events this holiday season. Both our Local American Legion Post and Reservoir United Methodist Church had a Christmas Donkey at their events.


We've had an unseasonably cold start to winter as well. With bitter cold temps in single digits (or less!) and wind chills in the negative double digits... my ass was freezing! Now, donkeys are not horses. And their coat is not like a horse either. So water can easily permeate and soak a donkey where a horse's coat can shed water. So why not blanket a donkey, like a horse? Well, a couple reasons. They roll. A lot actually. Much more than horses. It also alters the coat of both horses and donkeys alike to blanket, so it just wasnt a really great option. So, on the bitterly, blowing, super blustery nights, we stalled our gang inside the barn. Dom was not too keen on it, but with a young foal, well...I was concerned with keeping as much heat in the barn as possible. However, given my physical limitations (with subsequent extra work) and much teasing from my other farmer friends...I did leave them out last night even though it was a bit questionable. Yes, they all did just fine.  Luckily as I settle in to feeling out what's what here with my not-so-delicate-donkeys, baby Louie is getting older so we are growing together. On a very positive note, we have 3 insulated buckets on the way thanks to some very generous donkey friends! So, no frozen buckets or fire hazards from heated buckets soon. Yay!
Lastly, the dreary doldrums of January with gray days can be downright boring for a donkey. So we try to keep the gang busy with boredom busters (yes, I hear the teasing already). They LOVE hula hoops, a treat dispensing ball, and some really durable large dog toys. Its hysterical to watch them play fetch with each other, pass the hula hoop, or treatball soccer. Thanks for checking in friends and apologies for not being more up-to-date. Computering is not my thing.  

Not for Naught

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