Tuesday, May 22, 2018

 Spring is Here!                                                    Spring is Here!
Ashokan Maple Fest
Well...I am nothing if not consistent (sigh). It has been a couple months since I last updated the website, but I am truly dancing as fast as I can. Keeping up with the donkeys health and daily needs is doable with some help, but the "extras" of the website, FB page (which I'm MUCH better at than the website), tax paperwork for the 501c, donations letters being sent out, and marketing, marketing, marketing! Those are challenges in and of themselves. But...step by step, we're getting there. Since our last post we have booked several events, had a successful Palm Sunday event, entered a couple donkeys in their first ever Donkey Competition, paid off most of our debt, and managed to get a substantial hay delivery! We've also had an OUTSTANDING fundraiser (Sip & Paint) that also helped our local food pantry, managed to york rake the countless rocks that seem to grow from the earth, finished some Spring cleaning in the barn, and have our misting system up and running just in time for fly season. Whew!

Pete & Harry Palm Sunday
Ashokan Maple Fest
Hooray for Hay!!
For The Love Of Donkeys- Sip & Paint Fundraiser

Coon Jumping
Harry, always a welcome face.
My Grumpy Old Men
Harry won 2 First Place Ribbons, a Third, and GRAND CHAMPION!
Dom pulled up the rear with a Fourth Place in two events.

Not for Naught

  It is with great regret that I share a desperate plea to rehome some of our donkeys. Unless someone is interested in adopting the whol...