Friday, March 15, 2019

Not for Naught

It is with great regret that I share a desperate plea to rehome some of our donkeys. Unless someone is interested in adopting the whole herd, I will leave Dominick and a partner behind for now. Until I see if I can make due. However, if someone can keep them together... I’d be ecstatic. 

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled physically for some time now. In addition, we’ve had a rather devastating financial blow. It was nothing I could have prevented, and I did try to remedy with a caretaker position. However, that applicant had a change of heart and is no longer looking to fill that position. I’m hurting, exhausted, and taking years off my life trying to survive (especially in the cold)  when on my own. It’s getting harder and harder and I see the writing on the wall. I tried my best, as long as I could. 

This is not how I wanted our story to end. And depending on who is willing to adopt some of our donkeys, maybe it won’t. But I know I can’t afford or maintain a herd of 5 on my own. 

That said, please know this is breaking my heart and I know they are all better off for the time we shared. It made a difference. I know that. I just wasn’t done yet. But I can barely use my hands/crutches to get out of bed somedays... so something has to give. My kids need me. My family needs me. Even my house needs tending to, and I just can’t catch up sacrificing what strength I have to all donkeys, all the time. I just can’t. I’m sorry. 😔💔

Thank you for the overwhelming response. Please, let me clarify a few things:

1. Proximity is paramount. I WILL be coming to check your farm. Call your vet. Inquire about your farrier. This is not a simple business transaction and a quick exchange. I did not kill myself for years rehabbing to throw that away. So please, be patient, kind, and understanding. No, no one else can do this for me. I alone (perhaps with other board members or volunteers) will visit and see/learn/hear for myself. I must. 

2. They are not free. I don’t expect much, but I’m not going through a vetting process to rehome so someone can flip them to make some quick cash. I’m not saying that is what anyone responding will do, I’m just saying I’m aware it happens, and not on my watch. 

3. There will be some paperwork. I will have first right of refusal and must be contacted prior to any further rehoming or selling of these creatures. They are my world and this is killing me. If that doesn’t suit you, that’s ok. These are not the donkeys for you. 

4. Ruthie (our mother donkey) was severely overbred. She must never ever be bred again. Period. I can’t stress that enough. 

5. Please message me directly if possible. I’m swamped with commentary and it was shared many times so it’s easy to miss someone. Please reach out through the farm’s messenger and I will get back to you. 

Apologies for the lengthy requirements... but this is not selling a used car or piece of furniture. While I’m hurting everyday, I’m not so desperate that I will ever just “need them gone”. That is not me. I will drag myself down to my barn on my hands and knees first. I want to do this right. To a forever home. NOT just burden another rescue. SO PLEASE, DO NOT RECOMMEND OTHER RESCUES OR BROKERS OF ANY KIND.  I hope you all understand. 😔🙏🏼

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Not for Naught

  It is with great regret that I share a desperate plea to rehome some of our donkeys. Unless someone is interested in adopting the whol...