Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Help Cover Our Ass

Christmastime is upon us, and our herd has some upcoming financial burdens. While donations are always appreciated (I'm working on the PayPal link and our Tax number... should be here any day), we at Sweet Ass Farm don't mind an honest day's work for our dollar. We carry our own insurance and will travel a bit. From Palm Sunday Mass to a Living Nativity, we love working with our church families. We also are happy to do special events such as Birthday Parties, Weddings, and especially love Educational Programs. With hay deliveries, foal vaccinations, routine hoof care, an upcoming castration (yikes!) and ideally getting our older donkey's teeth floated, well...we have bills. So if Santa needs a Dominick The Christmas Donkey to assist him in greeting all the good boys and girls, we're your donkeys! Everyone earns their keep here at the farm, and we sure would love it if you could spread the word! Wont you help Cover Our Ass this holiday season?

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