Friday, March 16, 2018

A mid-winter sunset on the Ashokan Reservoir.

It has been a trying season  to say the least, but the end is in sight. Back to back Nor'easters, power outages, crazy temperature swings...Spring, where are you?! The donkey barn had a remodel (convertible stall separator and new drainage grate), Lil' Louie has now turned into a bit of an obnoxious teenager, and we've been playing an exhausting game of musical stalls since January. In addition to Louie's annoying habits of biting and kicking his momma (don't worry, she gave as good as she got), he was quite smitten with his sister (ewww!) JoJo. Increasingly worried about the chance of having a promiscuous Jack, we eagerly awaited having him castrated. Donkeys were separated when JoJo was in heat, and finally with the help of Doc Angell from Bentley Veterinary, Louie was castrated. He's almost completely healed and did quite well adjusting, which is more than we could say for his Momma Ruthie. She cried and cried! We took opportunity to wean him at this time as well since he had to be separated for being rambunctious. He's now back with Ruthie and in a couple weeks will return to the whole herd. Thank goodness, because the corral panels and stall juggling is a lot of work!
Also, we've been so very lucky to have a great donkey friend (and a fine musician too I might add) helping out with our daily chores whenever he can. The amazing (and funny, just ask him ... he'll tell you) Ben Rounds, who I endearingly call "Pops" has been a huge help in these trying weeks. I'm not sure how long he'll stick around, but we're all real appreciative for him. He may even make us a song! Rumor has it, that "Picking Up Chicks & Kissing Ass" may be the next big hit of the infamous Ben Rounds Band (you can check them out on Facebook and at!
Lastly, we have our first public event of the year this Sunday, March 18th at the Ashokan Center ( for their Maple Fest. The festival is from 10-4pm, but we will be visiting from noon till 2pm. Come on out and scratch a donkey, have some pancakes, see the Sugar Shack, and enjoy the beautiful day. Hope to see you there!


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