Friday, October 20, 2017


I'm a little late (story of my life, really...), but I wanted to post the pics of the Harvest Fest at Reservoir United Methodist Church and say how thankful we are to have been invited. Momma Ruthie and Lil' Louie made their public debut on Saturday October 14th. Ruthie has not left our farm since the day she came back in November of last year, and Louie...well...he was just born, sooo...yeah. A day of firsts! I was worried Ruthie wouldn't load in the trailer, especially given the trauma of leaving the home of most of her life the last time she stepped foot in that trailer. But she went. The fact that Louie bounded in as if we were going to a donkey theme park (I dunno...what exactly ARE donkey kids excited to see??) may have been part of the reason, but I was grateful nonetheless. We had a great day, visited with many donkey friends who came out to see us, and made new ones. It was a blessed day...for sure.
Our Littlest Fans
Every girl loves a good hair appointment!

Janice and Sarah getting some Donkey Love!
Janice runs the show when is comes to the Harvest Festival and she aims to please! Sarah is a donkey friend that actually aided in the creative name "Sweet Ass Farm".
Isn't it funny how life gives us just what we need when we need it sometimes?

 Best Roadies ever! If it weren't for my hubby (St. Pete)
and my son, I don't know how I'd do
 these events. Long after I'm
spent from a long day on my feet, they are there to pack me up
 and go home. Pretty sure I couldn't do it without them.

There was an awesome Blacksmith Demonstration by a fellow parishioner and friend Gary. A couple kids really had a blast and my two monsters were lucky enough to make beautiful fire prod/pokers. Thanks so much Gary! We should do events together
more often! I think we make a great team. ;-)

Until next time Donkey Friends...
       Have a Sweet Ass Day!


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