Saturday, October 14, 2017

We had a VERY busy week so far, and we're not done yet!
Ruthie has been on stall rest and on Thursday we finally met Dr. Angell (I've heard amazing things about him) from Bentley Vet in Pine Plains, and he was AWESOME. He diagnosed Ruthie lickety split, and it didn't even require a costly xray. She is suffering from a pretty old, deep abscess that has likely been troubling her for some time. Doc cleaned out the abscess, gave me a bit of a medical lesson, and then packed and wrapped the hoof. With a little luck, Ruthie will be better in no time!

Thanks Doc!

Later today, we will be at the Reservoir United Methodist Church for their annual Harvest Fest!
This is Momma Ruthie and Lil' Louie's first Meet & Greet. Quite fitting that its at this church with my good friend Janice (who is our pastor's wife). After all, Janice went with me the day I went to just "inquire" about a baby donkey that happened to come with a whole dang family! That led to her starting a GoFund Me to get them medical attention. And here at Sweet Ass Farm. Yep...Janice went along for the ride and we are. A whole Ass Menagerie! Haha!

So come on out and see us later! I even made cupcakes... ;-)

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